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This is how we work!

Technology gives you the wings to fly through the realm of learning, farther and faster than ever before

Started off as a humble online learning platform, Eduvirtuoso is now one of the most trusted Educational Tech providers in India. With the mission of imparting education through the latest tools and technology, the company has gone a long way transforming the educational journey of thousands of young students across the country.

It is our pride to feature the two stalwarts behind this empire, Navin I, the CEO of Eduvirtuoso and Annie Anthony, the COO of the company who have crossed miles across technology, management and entrepreneurship. It is incredible to see how the founders, with their clear vision and determination, have guided the team to educate students in a modern way.

You can sense a cloud of serenity surrounding Navin I every time you meet him. But underneath lies a techno wizard who can perform miracles in the world of education. As graduates of IIM, the founders themselves are an inspiration to all those who aspire to make it big in their life.

Here is what our budding leaders with their army of enthusiasts have done to help the struggling students to make their dreams come true.

The one-year-old journey

With the headquarters placed in Koramangala, Bangalore, Eduvirtuoso operates in six Indian destinations, offering interesting learning videos to students of all classes. The company started off by selling explainer videos for different syllabuses in pen drives and SD cards. Today, Eduvirtuoso has earned about two million registered students and one million paid subscribers. Students spend about 50 minutes on the portal every day from 1700+ Indian cities. Every now and then, a number of happy students come up with their success stories of how they cracked the competitive exams with the help of Eduvirtuoso.

The team behind the success

A large team of Techincal experts and graphic designers create innovative animated videos that simplify academic complexities. Equipped with the latest tools and software, the techies deploy their aptitude to come up with some of the finest audio-visuals that stand out of the rest of the products heaped in Indian educational markets.

A 150-member R&D team, consisting of academic experts and teachers put in a lot of hard work and dedication to providing content to the videos. Teachers and department heads who have spent more than 20 years in schools like Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Delhi public school, Kendriya Vidyalaya, DAV, Bishop Cotton etc keep assisting the company with their invaluable experience.

A group of academic counsellors, speaking English and regional languages (Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada) are available online in the working hours to resolve the issues with developing children and get the best out of Eduvirtuoso’s products.

The efficient finance team take the credit of charging very less despite delivering a quality product and after-market service.

A smart group of marketers accelerate the business by carrying the products to inquisitive students across every nook and corner of the country. They do the perfect mathematics to bring out the "win-win" solution for both the company and the students.

The top management, comprising of competitive entrepreneurs from IIM have always been the driving force to lead the passionate employees towards hitting greater targets.

The company's promise

The ultimate mission of Eduvirtuoso is to impart rich learning experience for students. With our products, preparing for exams is not a chore anymore. The innovative videos create a smooth learning curve for children so that they stay challenged as well as motivated. Education with Eduvirtuoso is not just about scoring high in examinations but to infuse interest in learning throughout the journey. With a strong back up of about 80K+ concepts, it is the only company that offers a 360-degree approach to education at an affordable price. The products are flexible and easy to use and can be accessed by students living in 2-tier and 3-tier cities.

Further, to expand the services, the company is working towards building virtual classroom sessions and personalized student analysis.

For a startup, too many achievements and compliments in a short period of time can distract the team from the goals. But that's completely false in case of Eduvirtuoso. Without making a big song and dance, the management team keeps progressing with higher targets and lets their products speak for them.

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