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Animated Videos for ICSE Class 1 Online/Mobile Subscription

Rs. 2999

CBSE Educational Videos

Animated Videos to make your kid score 100%

Help your kids to score more with EduVirtuoso's industry leading Animated Videos

Class 1 combo (Maths & EVS)

Introduce your kids to the benefits of the multimedia learning. Engaging animated content, along with the fun-filled interactive exercises will surely help your kids to progress in academics. Hence, choose the right online study materials and make your little one’s study time fun, exciting as well as effective.

EduVirtuoso’s CBSE class 1 Maths and Environmental Science combo PENDRIVE is a great learning aid and it imparts a thorough understanding on different topics. However, it is designed based on the students’ learning requirements and evaluated by the proficient educators. The CBSE board is one of the India’s standard academic boards and it adopts requisite measures from time to time to provide a quality and progressive education to all. The CBSE syllabus are vast as well as well-balanced and hence, students must learn each topic thoroughly to score well in the tests.

EduVirtuoso’s CBSE class 1 combo PENDRIVE covers all imperative topics of Maths and Environmental Science. Here, in this PENDRIVE, the topics are suitably explained with examples. Hence, through this learning tool, students can experience a memorable and worthwhile study time. Besides, the interactive and absorbing exercises are additional advantages that strengthen the kids’ skills. However, from now on, parents do not worry about their kids’ education as this PENDRIVE will make learning constructive and cogent. The demo videos are also available for the clear understanding of the parents.

 CBSE class 1 Pendrive pack at a glance:

  • Detailed explanations of the topics, along with examples

  • Interactive activities, quizzes, engaging animations, along with the voice instructions

  • Multiple-choice question-answers

  • Added self-evaluation tool that improves one’s inclination towards learning

  • A vast coverage of the topics

  • User friendly coverage tracker for each chapter

  • Colorful and animated illustrations of topics

  • Self-assessment tests

  • Favourable exam tips

  • Imparts a great learning experience

     List of chapters included in our product:


    • Comparison
    • Data Handling
    • Measurement
    • Solids around us
    • Time
    • Addition up to 20
    • How many
    • Money
    • Number from 10 to 20
    • Numbers from 21 to 99
    • Patterns
    • Subtraction up to 20


    • Air and water
    • Food
    • Living and Non-living things
    • Our School
    • Our Universe
    • Plant life
    • Safety and first aid
    • The human body
    • About Myself
    • Animal's life
    • Clothes
    • Good habits
    • Housing
    • Major Directions
    • Our Family
    • Our Festivals
    • Our Neighbourhood
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