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Worksheets for Kerala State Board Class 5

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Eduvirtuoso worksheets are designed to let your children feel and connect with real life situations and surroundings around them. The philosophy behind developing these worksheets is to make children feel engaged with their daily lives and activities, and learning will automatically be infused in them.

These worksheets help your child to identify and practice fundamental concepts of the subject. These worksheets are prepared by subject matter experts and focus on scientific aptitude, mathematical aptitude, English proficiency, social awareness & logical development. With the help of these worksheets you can spot your child's weakness and improve on areas that need support.

They are designed not just to help your child with the school academics but also to improve their creativity, imagination, and concentration. Discover your child’s hidden talent, spot weaknesses, and track progress with our worksheets.

List of Content:


  • Fractions,Decimals,Basic Of Geometry,Geometry Angles ,Geometry Lines,Triangles,Measurements,Mental Math,Time,Percentage,Money,Profit and Loss,Bodmas,
  • Geometry  Perimeter,Geometry  Area,Geometry volume,Geometry Circle,Bar Graph, Pie chart,Data Handling,Pictograph,Lets Revise.


  • Pronouns - Antecedent agreement ,Punctuations,Verbs - Irregular and Regular,Comprehension,Contraction,Question Tags ,Tenses - Past participle ,Subject And Predicate,Comprehension and Composition ,
  • Adjective,Conjunction ,Subject – Verb Agreement,Modal Auxiliary verbs Direct and Indirect Speech ,Capital and Punctuations,Adverbs,Tenses,Preposition,Idioms,Suffix,Phrasal verbs,Sentences,A Noun Puzzle ,Let's Revise.

Environmental Science (EVS)

Reproduction in plants, Crops & storage of grains, Grains, Crops, Fun Time, Reproduction in Plants, Germination, Animal Kingdom, Rocks, Soil and Minerals, Energy and it’s Sources, Fuels, Force, Work, Our Environment, Living Being, Plants and Animals, Resources, Land forms, Life of Plants , Animals on Different Landforms, Life of Plants and Animals on Land and in Water, Air, Light, Shadows and Eclipses, Transport System, Communication System, Human Body, Human Organ Systems, Food –The Essence of Life, Natural and Artificial Fibers, Diseases and Their Preventions, Plant Life, Animal Life

Natural Calamity, Air and its Uses, Our Universe, The human Body, Human Diseases, Safety and first Aid, Interdependency, Water Force, Environment, Plant Kingdom-Crops and Storage of Grains, Animal Kingdom, Air and Its Uses, Shadows, Simple Machines, Environment, Lets Revise

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